Oasis Client

The Oasis client module consists of a patient browser, providing access to study data stored on the Oasis server and a collection of clinical applications and tools to process, review, and analyze NM studies and other relevant data. The available applications are dependent on the particular Oasis configuration and options.

Oasis Server

The Oasis server module is common to all Oasis clients and acts as a central depository of patient studies. In a single workstation configuration, the Oasis server and client modules are installed on the same PC. In case of a multi workstation configuration, the Oasis server module is installed on a dedicated PC.For administrative purposes, the Oasis server module can be accessed through a web interface either from the Oasis client application or from any PC on the network through an internet browser. Tasks such as data management, connectivity, and user management, can be accomplished through this web interface.

Licensing Mechanism

Access to Oasis applications is granted by the Oasis license manager upon login and launching of individual applications. There are two types of Oasis licenses: node locked and concurrent. A node locked license means that the application(s) can be run on one physical workstation only. A concurrent or floating license means that the application(s) can be run on any workstation that has the Oasis client installed as long as the number of simultaneous users is not exceeded.

Oasis Workflow

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