Why OASIS for Oncology?

Enjoy reading PET, PET/CT, and PET/MR studies with one of Oasis’s various applications designed for robust and easy PET viewing. Designed to quickly display up to 4 studies for comparison while providing multiple streams of data for tumor and lesion quantification.


The PET/CT protocols are a set of clinical applications for review and analysis of PET/CT studies. Separate applications are provided for Oncology, Neurology and Cardiology, each with optimized settings for scaling, color and layouts. Up to 4 PET/CT scans can be loaded simultaneously for comparison purposes.

PET/CT lesion
Features include:
  • Standardized orthogonal slice displays
  • Accurate SUV computation for all vendors and models
  • Display functions: triangulation, window leveling, color-scale selection, slice alignment, cine controls, zoom, pan, magnify, colorize
  • Measurement tool
  • Automatic SUV saturation function for PET
  • User-definable CT window presets
  • Distance-weighted Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP)
  • Fusion display mode based on variable alpha blending and/or variable thresholding
  • Manual registration adjustment (translations, rotations)
  • Automatic registrations using fast mutual information algorithm
  • Tumor-tracking analysis using auto 3D lesion contouring
  • Export of RT Struct Files
  • Study comparsion (follow-up) with automatic CT/CT registration
  • Support for separately acquired MRI and/or diagnostic CT scans
  • User definable hotkeys for commonly used functions
  • Dedicated Lesion, Linking, and Registration Managers
  • Compatible with all PET and hybrid PET/CT scanner models
  • PET/CT Dynamic – Saving TAC in PET CT Dynamic
  • Support for respiratory gating
  • Support for PERCIST lesions

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